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I wake up but never really wake
up. There’s a part of me that’s
decided everything’s too hard
and refuses to open its eyes so
I walk around half gone. I drink
four cups of coffee to make up
for it and then cry in the bathroom
when I can’t stop shaking. There
are birds in the backyard but I
can’t hear them. When I say it’s
cloudy, I don’t mean rain. I mean
cotton in my ears and everything’s
hazy. I mean I’m trying to push
this darkness away but there’s
nothing to put my hands on.
anne, depression (via anneisrestless)

I threw up star dust
from the palm of my hands
into the midnight sky
and prayed to someone
I’ll never meet that you’d
be mine, again.
Maybe in some other life,
or as some other being.
Maybe I’ll come to love you
as a rich man, or a book
I love that speaks to me
the way you do every night.
I pray you’d be mine again
but fate has a strange way
of proving me wrong.


Anonymous asked:

What do you think about people who think that every girl that's angry is just on her period? I think it's kinda sexist, I mean I'm angry right now and I'm not on my period:o


It infuriates me to no end. It makes you feel like your thoughts aren’t valid at all and you can’t have any rational thoughts as if your brain is controlled by your uterus or something and we aren’t allowed to be angry about things that we should be angry about and it’s terrible.

They’re gone.
They’re gone, and
they’re never coming back.

If they do, they’ll never
be the same. Those eyes
will stare back at you with
question marks and hesitation.
Those lips will kiss yours
with new-found lifelessness.
You’ll be confused for what
seems like centuries as you
decide to either sprint or stay.

As you slowly withdraw from the
empty shell of someone you
once knew, you’ll never fully
be able to figure out who
outgrew whom first.
Noor Shirazie (via aestheticintrovert)


How different would the world be if people actually lived their religion instead of fronting in nice clothes, arguing with others about differences in beliefs, and trying to convert people that didn’t want to be converted. You can help others more by living your life instead of interrupting and trying to fix another.

Peace and Power.

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